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I'm Giving You Over $12,000 Worth Of Programs, Trainings, Resources And Online Events

Invitation to play in our "Power Contest" and Win over $30,000 in prizes including an exclusive ticket to our "High Ticket Masterclass" In Las Vegas!

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There's Over $30,000 In Prizes Up For Grabs In Our Power Contest

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One Lucky Winner Will Walk Away With a Ticket To Our "High Ticket Masterclass",
5-Day Live Intensive Event in Las Vegas, Nevada.  $25,000 Value

This is by-far the most premium event in the business.  It's here where you will put together your whole entire business.  We will literally stand over your shoulder and implement with you everything you need to succeed in your online business. 

  • You will know how to script and shoot your marketing videos. 
  • We will work with you and help you put together your own course. 
  • You'll actually be creating your webinar right here in the event. 
  • You will discover our rapid video creation process. 
  • We will help you put together your Rockstar Brading. 
  • You will learn how to setup a highticket offer, how to drive leads, and so much more....

EverLesson Agency License.  With This License You Can Sell EverLesson To Your Customers And Clients
 $3,000 Value

Our members are approaching nearly 10 Million Dollars in sales.  A good portion of those sales are coming from members who are providing complete membership services to their clients and customers.

This is where our agency license comes in.  You need the Agency License to build membership sites and courses for other businesses and clients.  Our members are charging anywhere from $2,500 - $10,000 per membership your agency license allows you to create these sites easily, effortlessly and very rapidly

Course Immersion Intensive 12-Week Course Training Program.  Includes The EverLesson Platform.  $997 Value

This is Chad Nicely's signature program.  It is quickly becoming the most popular trainig program on the internet for creating a course.  Chad has this whole entire process down to a science.

His method of creating online courses is unlike anything you have ever experienced.  He will teach you how to sell your course before it's even done.  You will receive EverLesson, "The World's Greatest Membership Platform" with this offer as well.  The LifeTime Version of EverLesson, this is usually sold for $67/mo.

EverFunnel Pro Auto Webinar Marketing System. Not Released To The Public

Not yet released to the public.  Here's your chance to pickup the EverFunnels Pro Marketing System before anybody else does.  This is the PRO version of EverFunnels which includes our NEW Hyper-active auto webinar platform.

You are able to create your courses in a flash and have all of your marketing pages waiting for you at the same time.  Now you can add your course to an autowebinar.

EverFunnel Marketing System. Not Released To The Public.  Basic Version

This is the system that started it all.  However we're back with the new funnel system pages.  This system was created for those people that understand "TIME IS MONEY."  This system will allow you to create a course in no time at all.

It also has all the new funnel pages built into it.  This means you will have complete webinar funnels, sales page funnels and free member signup funnels automatically created for you.

Over $2,000 In Prizes That Are Automatically Unlocked For You!

These are rewards that are automaticall unlocked for you once you reach a certain number of points.  This should be EASY FOR YOU!

10 Points To Unlock

LeadGen Monopoly - This is Chad's personal strategy for bringing in leads to his business each and every. 

The people that have implemented the steps in this strategy are rocking it out with leads each and every day.  The best part is... this strategy doesn't require you to spend any money on advertising.  You can do this with just five minutes every day.

20 Points To Unlock

Online Video Success -  This was an online webinar training that was never released to the public

This in-depth live recording will teach you how to do slide deck presentations, screen casts and even green screens.  Chad makes the whole process very easy to understand.

50 Points To Unlock

High Ticket Masterclass -  Live 3-day event recording for putting together high ticket items

If you have ever wanted to put together you own high-ticket item than this online training is for you.  It was a 3-day online event, and has produced monster results

75 Points To Unlock

IM Video Creation -  Learn to create simple cash generating videos on autopilot

This is still one of the favorites in the community. People will ALWAYS prefer video over sales copy.  In this simple course Chad is going to show you how easily you can create little marketing videos that have gone on to do six-figure promotions for him

200 Points To Unlock

Photoshop Marketing University - Learn to easily use Photoshop for all of your marketing 

This was a course that sold for $997 originally.  It taught people the basics of using Photoshop in their marketing.  Chad is going to teach you the tricks that's allowed him to be successful in his marketing without needing to pay for graphics!

300 Points To Unlock

Survay!  The World's Greatest Survey Platform.  This Combines The Lethal Power Of Applications And Appointments 

Yes the BIG PRIZE!  You can pick up your copy of Survay right here just by hitting this number of points.  This is our internal tool that we use for applications, appointments and surveys.  You wont believe the power this tool has.  It was built for our own company

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